About Sly

So I finally decided to just DO IT. Reboot the blog! And keep it simple this time. My Style. My life & style. My lifestyle.

In my blog you’ll find some of my favorite outfits and where I got the pieces. I’m sorry to tell you that many items you see aren’t currently available for purchase, because I “shop my closet” most of the time. Pieces that are 4-5 years old are still relevant and, frankly, stylish. I have a post about my personal style, so I won’t get too carried away with describing it here.

I love seeing how other people dress, figuring out why they dress that way, and if they’re even happy with what they’ve got on their body. Many times, the way we feel about our clothes is an outward expression of how we feel about ourselves. I care about clothes because clothes are silent communicators, and sometimes clothes say things about us that we don’t want them to — untrue things, at that! I’m passionate about making people, especially women, feel amazing in their clothing, feel confident in their outfits, so they can take on the world! I love clothes. I love how transformative they can be — not just to the eye, but to the heart.

But I don’t just love clothes. I’m also all about styling your entire life. I want my life to be as loud and creative as my color pairings and style choices. So you might also find a few tidbits about stylishly supporting local, small, independent businesses; DIY hacks for traveling in style; and maybe a little bit about styling your home.

So thanks for joining me on my exploration of life, styled, and I hope you enjoy the ride!




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