The Most Important Hoopla Items

So yesterday I wrote about what to wear at Hoopla, which is really fun and exciting! I love styling outfits, putting together mini-collections and all that. It’s like a fashion show among friends. However, there is something even more important to focus on bringing to Hoopla…

Writing utensils and electronics chargers.

Whether you prefer taking notes on paper, typing on your laptop, or using a voice recorder, make sure you bring something to take notes on. Some choose a notebook and pen, others a laptop or iPad with a keyboard, etc. Most of your time at Hoopla will be spent sitting down and taking in loads of new and inspiring information. You’ll want to jot down anything you feel is important to you, applicable to your business, or is particularly inspiring. Lots of stylists also choose to take photos of slides that are shown instead of writing down all the info, and most take photos of the jewelry at the jewelry viewing and at the fashion show. You’ll definitely want to make sure you have chargers or extra battery packs handy to make sure you don’t miss a beat.


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