Packing for Hoopla!

My approach to packing is minimal. Pack only what you need, and commit to it! Maybe bring 1 or 2 extra outfits in case something gets ruined, but you don’t have to bring your whole wardrobe. The point of Hoopla is to network, meet other styles, and most importantly learn things to help you grow your business. Below I’ve listed what I’m tentatively bringing and how/when I’m wearing it. (Mind you, this does not include undergarments/accessories). Can’t wait to see everyone!!!

What I’m bringing:
— black lace top, flared sleeve
— white lace top, 3/4 sleeve
— fuchsia top, sleeveless
— white denim
— white chino shorts
— black jumpsuit
— black ruffle romper
— gold cork wedges
— 3/4 length yoga pants
— workout tank
— sneakers
— navy romper
— Lilly Pulitzer patterned romper
— fuchsia top, bell sleeve
Wearing on the plane:
— Japanese dark denim
— white tee
— silver loafers
— denim jacket

Opening General Session, Lunch/Collection Viewing, Breakout Sessions 1, 2 and 3
— black lace top
— white jeans or white shorts
— silver loafers

Thursday Evening
Team Celebrations
— black jumpsuit or patterned Lilly Pulitzer patterned jumpsuit
— gold cork wedges

Friday Morning
Diversity Council Meeting, Breakout Sessions 4, 5 and 6:
— hot pink top
— white jeans or white shorts
— silver loafers
— denim jacket

Friday Afternoon
Hoopla Keynotes, Hoopla Close
— white lace top
— white shorts
— silver loafers

Friday Night
— black ruffle romper or navy romper
— gold cork wedges

Saturday Morning
Zumba Class
— 3/4-length yoga pants
— tank

Regional Meet & Greet
— dark jeans
— white tee
— denim jacket
— silver loafers


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