Shopping Saturday

So I went into TJMAXX to make a return aaaaand left with some new Lilly. I’m never shopping full price retail ever again. The markup is INSANE.
I purchased 2 shift dresses, 1 full-skirt dress with pockets, 1 short caftan style dress, and 2 of the super popular Elsa tops.

Regular retail for all 6 is $1,188.

I paid less than 30% of that.

You might not get what your want right away if you wait for something to go to TJMAXX or Marshalls, but you’ll score a really good deal if you’re not picky with patterns. Not all TJMAXX/Marshalls locations will carry the same styles, so you have to look around. I think it’s SO worth it for the price! Because TJMAXX typically gives items from the same category of the brand the exact same price  (ie: all the dresses or all the blouses), some items are a better value than others.

For example, the blue dress I purchased, which is completely embroidered with seashell cutouts, retailed for $298 but was priced the same as the other shift dress which retailed at $198, the caftan at $198, AND the full skirt dress at $178. All 4 items were the exact same price. There were 2 other dresses there, too, neither of them has as much structure or detail as the ones I purchased, but they were also priced exactly the same as the others.
Anyway, just a random shopping tip! Have an excellent Saturday! 




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