Lent: 40 items, 40 days

The date on the challenge is from last year, but the gist of the challenge is the same. The challenge is to let go of one clothing item per day during Lent – 40 items for 40 days. If you’re a big-time shopper and hoarder like me, this will be a huge challenge! For me, this is a sacrifice because I sell clothing on eBay or consign accessories to make extra cash. While I am giving up the potential to make a profit from the excess in my closet in order to give to those who are truly in need, I am comforted and warmed by the knowledge that my clothes will be going to someone in need. To top it all off, I won’t be shopping for extra clothing either.

Step 1: Get a large bag or box, preferably a black garbage bag. (Once the item is in the bag, you cannot see it or take it out; it is going to a new home).

Step 2: Each day, pull out an item of clothing that is in good condition, and put it into the bag. It’s important that you put aside a piece of clothing that can truly be re-worn. What kind of sacrifice would you really be making if you gave away a rag?

Step 3: Donate the entire set of clothing to a local shelter.

Up the ante: Add in jewelry, accessories and handbags on Sundays (since they typically don’t count towards the 40 days of Lent) to the clothing items, so that you’re donating full outfits, not just random pieces of clothing.


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