Garden of Eden in the Winter



One of my favorite outfits I’ve created so far, this look was inspired by my desire to mix textures and prints for an unexpected look. Just because you have a loud print doesn’t mean you can’t have another one. So I chose to tone down the print by making it an adornment instead of the focal point. The collars and cuffs showed, and that was enough to get the color story across. I layered the shirt under an embellished J.Crew sweatshirt (Yes, it’s sweatshirt material! Yes, it’s SO cozy), and paired that with a pair of maroon, slightly flared cropped pants. The cropped pant hit me just at ankle length and is the most flattering shape I’ve ever owned (I have 4 pairs of this style of pant, and I wish I had more!) I finished the look with a pair of green, suede block heels to pull out the greenery in the shirt, and a boatload of accessories from Stella & Dot. The necklace on my Instagram @slythestylist, and in the photo above, was the one I actually wore. I originally planned to wear a necklace made of mixed shells, leather, hematite and druzy on a brushed gold chunky chain, layered with a simple leather-wrapped crescent necklace. I also wore a blue enamel bangle to pull out the bright blue flowers from the shirt, a brushed metal multi-bangle bracelet, a shiny gold flat bangle, and a leather mixed-metal watch. I decided to go with the bolder floral necklace instead of the white because I needed more FUN. The white necklace, while gorgeous, just didn’t go with the vibe of the outfit once I’d put all the clothing on.

It was a whole lot of look, but I really liked it. I felt creative, yet still professional, as if I could take on the world because I looked so freaking awesome! I really like putting a crazy print under a more tame sweater, because it allows the crazy shirt to function in a more conservative workplace while still expressing personal style.

Pants: J.Crew

Shirt: J.Crew x Liberty of London

Sweater: J.Crew

Shoes: Banana Republic

Jewelry: Stella & Dot


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