The Face Update

A year or two ago when I started the blog, I had like a 5-piece makeup look or something to that effect. Well, my look is still just as simple, but it’s a bit more than 5 pieces. I’ve always loved the idea of makeup and actually making an effort to do the whole eyeshadow and whatever — but I never do. Basically, I cover up redness and blemishes, make sure I look like I actually have eyes/eyelashes, and that my lips aren’t chapped.

  1. Pacifica Jasmine Iris Oil Control primer (does not actually control oil.. it IS an oil… but I really like it paired with the True Match)
  2. L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation
  3. Bare Minerals matte powder foundation (used lightly as a setting powder)
  4. NYX HD concealer
  5. Sephora Bright Future concealer
  6. NYX Collection Noir liquid liner
  7. whatever mascara is lying around and has not passed the expiration date
  8. R. L. Linden La Balmba Rosa (literally the best balm I’ve ever tried)
    And if I’m feeling fancy:
  9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold or Opal
  10. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette or CARGO blush in Big Easy
  11. Bare Minerals bronzer (no idea what it’s called, and too lazy to find out – #honesty)


  1. Turn on a YouTube video – by the end of the video I should be ready
  2. Regular skincare routine (more on that in the near future)
  3. Pacifica Jasmine Iris primer as an emollient base – it’s like an oil, and it only works with the L’Oreal True Match
  4. Pour out a little L’Oreal True Match on a CosmoCube acrylic palette
  5. Apply with the It Cosmetics Luxe Paddle foundation brush
  6. NYX concealer to cover spots, sometimes to color correct under eyes
  7. Sephora concealer under eyes to brighten
  8. Light dusting of Bare Minerals matte powder foundation
  9. Small winged eye with NYX liquid liner (maybe add on an Urban Decay colored eyeliner), add some mascara
    And if I’m feeling extra bougie that day:

    • My favorite CK One Color lip shine (literally the best, most emollient lip color that actually stayed on, but sadly it’s been discontinued *cries*), or some other crazy;
    • A Revlon or Rimmel lipcolor (love love love Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipsticks);
    • Jordana lipliner

Ta-da! The end.


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