February Style Challenge


One of my pitfalls in dressing myself everyday is wearing the same outfits week after week and reaching for the same pieces of clothing all the time, especially when I’m tired in the morning. SO a challenge to myself this February is to shop my closet and pull out clothes I’ve forgotten about and actually wear them. The idea is to be more creative with how I dress/style myself. If I’m a stylist, I should be a stylist all the time. Whether I like it or not, my daily appearance is part of my portfolio – my credibility as a stylist depends on how I dress.

Secondly, my closet is overflowing with clothes, but I wear the same stuff every week. There is a dresser, my half of the closet, and extra bins of clothes all full of different items, and I wear the same things. What a shame! Plus, I’ve been told by others that I have enough clothing that 1) I no longer need to buy more, and 2) I wouldn’t have to repeat any item for a whole month. Challenge ACCEPTED.
And maybe I’ll even save money this month…

Develop a “theme” for each week and create a cohesive outfit for each day that reflects the theme. It should look like a mini collection. Extra outfits can be created from these individual pieces for other events such as date night/dinner out, or other events.


  • Do not repeat shirts, shoes or other accessories
  • Do not repeat clothing styles and pairings if possible (ie: cannot wear 5 different color Tippi sweaters from J.Crew and 4 pairs of jeans)
  • Can repeat pants ONCE
  • Can repeat bag/bags, a watch, sunglasses and outerwear all week

This challenge isn’t supposed to be super-limiting. I couldn’t get into the “30 piece wardrobe challenge”, so I made up something for myself. It’s supposed to be really fun and creative, but I’ll keep you updated on my progress and thoughts here on the blog. If you join in, comment below and share what you’ve done for the week!


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