Style Muses


I have 3 main style muses. I like these people for the personality they project to the public, as well as for their choices in fashion. All 3 of the following people have completely different styles and their taste in clothes are SO different. BUT each knows what they like, what they don’t like, and the image they’re trying to project. This is what being a style icon means to me — your style is YOURS. You feel comfortable in it, you’re known for it, and you don’t waver too much either (because you don’t need to). You try new things every now and then, but they fit in with what you’re already known for.

Sarah Jessica Parker:
SJP is my ultimate style muse. I LOVE how bold she is, how experimental she is, and how daring she is with her colothing choices. She mixes patterns that don’t traditionally go together, she wears many bold colors at once, and she is not afraid to try new things. Whether she’s going for something casual or something more glam, her outfits inspire me to be more daring with my style.
As a mentor at my former company would say, “More is more is more!” Forget Coco Chanel’s saying about take one thing off before you leave the house — add on another bracelet, put on a crazy earring, be super matcy matchy with colors or GO BOLD and mix crazy prints. Add some embellishment to that sweater and pile on 3 necklaces at once to create a cool statement. It’s not about having more clothing, it’s about mixing it up with the clothes you do have, and making them look new.

Fox's "American Idol 2012" Finale - Results Show - ShowDownload 2010 - Aerosmith 13472111steven-tyler-600x450

Steven Tyler:
He’s known for his flamboyant performances on stage and a mic stand swathed in skinny scarves; long, wavy hair; and a huge voice. While I may never, ever in my lifetime emulate Steven Tyler’s style, I’m obsessed with how comfortable he looks all the time. Not that his clothing looks like pajamas, but that he looks totally comfortable with himself. He does not care at all what anyone thinks of his outfit choices — he dresses for himself, for his own enjoyment. He’s this rocker, hippie, boho, layered look. He favors flared pants, deep V necklines, leather jackets and scarves for added layering. He’s absolutely fabulous, and his confidence is just amazing. It never feels like he’s trying too hard, even when he’s wearing 8 scarves and feathered braids in his hair.

Emma Stone (especially on the red carpet):
First of all, Emma Stone is just so cool. If I had to categorize her street style, it’s like she’s the poster child for Madewell. Skinny jeans,  a loosely fitted gray sweater (sometimes with a turtleneck), an oversized black coat (sometimes with a moto-jacket collar), boy-fit button-up shirts or simple tees, and a classic Chelsea boot in black or cognac.
What I like about Emma Stone’s style choices are her red carpet looks. It’s like she can wear anything, and her red carpet style is so daring and different. She is not afraid of color or patterns, she loves a great tailored pant, and she never wears the same style twice in a row. She’s worn short and sleek, long and glittery, cutout back, deep V neckline, jumpsuit, pants, skirt/top separates, lace, silk, chiffon, etc etc etc. But she’s always classy. Emma Stone has amazing taste, and never disappoints on the red carpet.


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