Makeup Monday – Detox, Declutter

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to use safe cosmetics and skincare, I decided to do a thorough purge of my lip and face collection. Using EWG’s website that ranks products from 1-10 (1 being best & safest and 10 being worst & most toxic). For your enjoyment, I’ve documented it! I got too lazy to document the eye products individually, so I’ll include it once I document my whole collection 😀

For the record, EWG does not have all products listed on the site. I had to look up each individual ingredient on EWG for some of the products that I own.

  1. A giant mess.
  2. I had 33 lipsticks before, and I kept 17. While almost all the lipsticks were deemed unsafe with a rating of 4+, a few were simply too old and I just decided to throw them out.
    After lipsticks
  3. The rest of the lip things:
    Other lip prod after
    X = given a rating of 4+ and consequently thrown away
    ? = not enough information; I’m still researching it, so I’ve kept it for now
  4. The Face Products: AKA the products where mostly everything is unsafe or probably unsafe.Face productsTHERE ARE SO MANY BAD PRODUCTS. THERE ARE SO MANY WITH QUESTION MARKS. I even found that my current foundation, has one ingredient that hasn’t even been sufficiently tested – There’s not enough data on that ingredient! What have I been putting on my face? I think I’ll use it till it’s gone, but I may return my backup of it…

The END!!! Yay me!!!



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