Makeup Monday — “5 Product Face”

When I’m in a rush (aka: every morning), these are the 5 types of products I reach for:

2015-02-02 00.19.02

1) Primer – Regardless of anything, I never skip primer. When I have forgotten primer, anything I put on my face slides around. My current favorite is the Too Faced Hangover Rx. Surprisingly, its moisturizing properties don’t overwhelm my oily skin, and because of the moisturizing properties, my skin doesn’t feel compelled to compensate for dryness by overproducing oils.

2) Foundation or tinted moisturizer – My skin doesn’t have an even complexion, and I’m prone to breakouts, so I rely on a good foundation to even everything out. My go-to this month has been the Sonia Kashuk Randiant+ Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. With winter drying out my skin even more than before, this stuff has actually been good to my skin!

3) Concealer – This is mostly for under my eyes. I’ve come to terms with the breakouts that I get on my face, but I always like to conceal the under eyes. While I don’t mind if there is some acne peeking through (I mean, it’s my skin, people have acne, I’ll live), I do like to at least look as awake as I feel. I have darker under eye circles/bags, and I typically use a combo of brightening and skin-toned concealers to get rid of these dark circles. The products I regularly use are:

  • Bare Minerals Stroke of Light in Medium,
  • MAC Mineralized Concealer in NW30 or
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi in Nude.

4) Pressed Powder – Whether the powder is translucent or tinted, I always have a pressed powder to at least set the concealer I’ve put on my face. I’m currently using alternately use a CK One Color face powder, but I’ve also liked the Revlon translucent or Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powders.

5) Mascara – I have not found a favorite mascara ever. So, I had this phase during which I decided that buying many mascaras was such a great idea, and I had 4 or 5 open at once earlier this month (I just finished up a travel size Too Faced Better Than Sex, which might be my favorite). The one I carry around everywhere these days is the Maybelline Illegal Lengths in black/brown or brownish black or whatever version of dark brown it is.

Thanks for reading to the end!! What’s your list for a 5 product face?

2015-02-02 00.17.13


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