What I Wore — Wedding Show #1

So, as I’m getting married, I’ve been purchasing tickets for bridal shows! I’ve forgotten to post photos of what I’ve been wearing to these events, so I’ll be posting a series of these.

The main idea is to dress comfortably and in layers, as you’re likely to be walking around quite a bit at these things.

I put on dotted jeans, a dotted top, a thick open cardigan, TOMS shoes, a silver necklace, and a tote bag (BTW: I do not recommend carrying a tote or shoulder bag — a crossbody is much less clumsy is what I’ve learned).


Jeans: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s
Top: J.Crew
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS.com
Necklace & Bag: www.stelladot.com/sly
Aviators: Wet Seal (AGES ago… got those for $2!!!)
Sunglasses Case: Madewell


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