What I Wore — Subtle Sparkle

These simple gold bracelets are perfect for the woman who typically sports a more classic, refined look. These bangles are simple enough to be worn every day, but would also be the perfect additions to a more minimal evening look.

The “Inspiration Bangle” is the more tame cousin (in both price and design) of the famous Kate Spade “Idiom Bangles.” The bangle shown here is gold with the word “Love” in all different languages around the bangle. The other metals (silver and rose gold) are similar in style, sporting the words “Always” and “Blessed”. As an added bonus, the S&D bangles are oval instead of circular, which helps ensure that the bracelet will not fly off the wrist. A small, barely noticeable latch and clasp allow the bangle to be taken on and off, which is how S&D were able to achieve the oval shape.

The “Eden Bangle” is a popular style with my customers, with its thin, beveled band, minimal yet apparent sparkle and expandable size.


Check back next Wednesday to see a full outfit incorporating these bracelets!


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