What I Wore — “Not-So-Biker” Chic

Raise your hand if you ride a motorcycle.
Raise your hand if you own a motorcycle jacket. Don’t be ashamed; you’re not alone.

Whenever my more preppy/old-lady self decides to be daring and cool, I don my black motorcycle jacket from Express. Bulkier motorcycle jackets don’t suit my smaller frame (or rather, I dislike the look of them on me), so I opted for this faux-leather, quilted sleeve, center-zip, ribbed-side moto jacket with shiny gold hardware. It’s about the preppiest motorcycle jacket ever. Here it is, featured in my nearly monochrome night-out-with-the-girls outfit.

IMG_1034 IMG_1039 IMG_1041 IMG_1042

Motorcycle Jacket | Express, last year
HOLY CHIC Tee | Old Navy, last season
Nude Pumps | DSW, last year
Aria Necklace | www.stelladot.com/sly
Avalon Clutch | www.stelladot.com/sly


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