The Basics

Let’s just get this one out of the way right quick:


I LOVE wearing bold colors, mixing patterns, oodles of jewelry, shiny and sparkly anything, handbags and shoes. But I’m just not showing tons of skin. Perhaps because I’m an artist at heart, I need balance, and this translates to my clothes. Showing off some leg in a pair of shorts? Ok, no need to do a skin-tight, cropped, crossover, boobie-baring tee. YES, love your boobs! Love your whole body! Check your boobies for lumps every month! But they don’t need to be out all the time. In fact, keeping them under your shirt helps protect them from too much exposure to UV rays. The skin on that area of your body is quite thin in comparison to most of the rest of your body (like those legs you’re showing off in those shorts!), and therefore needs more protection, which clothing can provide.

So I’ll get off my soapbox just long enough to explain my style:

Classic shapes + bold colors + jewelry + a few trendy pieces + too many jackets, blazers, handbags, shoes + embellished anything

My favorite clothing and accessories brands/stores:

I don’t subscribe to “fashion”, by the way. I believe in creating a “style”. I’m NOT fashionable. Truly I’m not. I love to wear what I’ve already got. I go back to the same shapes and types of clothing. I even go back to the same fabrics! I’ll often purchase the same style of pants, for example, but in varying patterns and colors to update my wardrobe. I rarely participate in clothing trends, though I will update my accessories wardrobe to help update my overall look. And that’s it!

Happy reading and happy shopping,


P.S. I’m also a Stella & Dot stylist, so if you need some jewelry, accessories and handbags, stop by! Shameless self-promotion 😛

**Disclaimer: Unless explicitly stated, none of the brands, products, stores or websites are sponsored. All of what you’ll read is 100% original and genuine. Note: At this time I am affiliated with Stella & Dot as an Independent Stylist.**


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